Shopify Plus Build | Multiple Clone Stores | Custom Development
The brand

Londre was dreamt up on a beach where the female-founded, best friend duo was inspired to create the most flattering, high quality garments with the lowest possible impact.

So far, Londre has recycled 200,000 plastic bottles off of beaches and streets into their sustainable offerings. All water used in their process is able to be reused, and at the end of your suit's long life, is able to be recycled into new materials.

The Project

Londre was looking for a website glow up after getting tired of glitches and quirks of their 3 year old theme. They were also having lots of challenges with inventory and product management, therefore, asked for a system that would more easily integrate with their 3PL.

Tight Turn Around

With tight timelines due to an upcoming product launch, they required a partner that was nimble enough to turn around the project in one month. This included all work, from the new navigation to upgrading all product listings and duplicating the site for other markets.


"After working with ryzenbe, we quickly saw an increase in the conversions from our paid ads which we were able to attribute to the upgrades done to our Shopify site."

Additional Objectives

Custom Product Template

We were able to condense many SKUs into a more inclusive product listing as well as display pre-order information throughout the customer journey.

Expansion Stores

Duplicating their US website allows for local currency and native currency checkout in other countries.

Additional Page Templates

Created to invite the customer to learn more about their sustainability efforts and compelling founding story.

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